Monday, November 13, 2006

Be Gone Dull Care

I would love to use this film as my computer’s screen saver. Even blow up individual frames to use as art in my house. This experimental film is like nothing else ever made. Set to Oscar Peterson’s music the film’s music divides the film into three pieces. Part one is a medium speed jazz piece, where the colors and shapes on-screen change according to the instrument being played. As it blends into the second part of the film we hear a bass being played, and on screen we see three lines vibrating imitating the strings of a bass. The second segment is a slower paced musical piece. Here the visuals are a bit calmer, matching the music. The last segment is the fastest. Here there is beautiful calculated chaos on screen. Be Gone Dull Care is not a film that had the intention to change the world such as Neighbors, but to me it is an escapist piece where you are pulled into the incredible music matched by astonishing visuals.


Phil said...

I saw this video in a film class in 1988 and have been looking for it ever since. Amazing! I wish there was a DVD of it.

Phil said...

Video no longer available on YouTube. I guess it got DMCAed. Where can you get a legal copy?

Corey Dufort said...

DVD box set of all Norman McLaren's work can be found at: